American Qur’an

American Qur’an
Iftikhar Dadi (Essay Author), Zareena Grewal (Essay Author), Sandow Birk (Artist)
With a Preface by Reza Aslan
First edition. New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation 2016
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Wilson Library General Collection (folio BP109 .B57 2016 )

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Above: copy on display at American Library Association conference exhibits, January 2016

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Student Success & Library Use

Research at the U of MN linking student success to library use is in the spotlight again, this time on Boopsie for this good news report from the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Digital resources are great, of course, and we have subject specific pages too – but don’t dismiss a visit to your library. There are great print resources in each one, and friendly helpful staff – and you can find a coffee shop in Walter and Wilson too.

Excerpt from the entry in Boopsie:
“As college libraries foster accessibility and student engagement, they contribute to the success of their students through increased graduation rates, increased retention rates, and higher GPAs. When college libraries contribute to student success, they increase institutional prestige while preparing future leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.”


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Abraham: the story of a life. Blenkinsopp, joseph, 1927- paper 2015
Accidental saints: finding god in all the wrong people. Bolz-weber, nadia cloth 2015
Aegean mercenaries in light of the bible: clash of cultures in the story of david and goliath. Rodan, simona paper 2015
Avignon and its papacy, 1309-1417: popes, institutions, and society. Rollo-koster, joelle cloth 2015
Catholic invasion of china: remaking Chinese Christianity. Mungello, d.e. (david emil), 1943- cloth 2015
Christian oxyrhynchus: texts, documents, and sources cloth 2015
Christian women in the Greek papyri of Egypt to 400 ce. Mathieson, erica a paper 2014
Communicating anthroposophy: the course for speakers to promote the idea of threefolding.; trans. By by rory bradley. Steiner, rudolf, 1861-1925 paper 2015
Contemporary bioethics: Islamic perspective. Al-bar, mohammed ali cloth 2015
Corinthian democracy: democratic discourse in 1 corinthians. Miller, anna c paper 2015
Dead sea scrolls and the developmental composition of the bible. Ulrich, eugene charles, 1938- ebook 2015
Early Quakers and their theological thought: 1647-1723 cloth 2015
English bible, King James Version: the new testament and the apocrypha paper 2012
English bible: King James Version, the old testament paper 2012
Ethiopic text of the book of Ezekiel: a critical edition cloth 2015
Evangelicals around the world: a global handbook for the 21st century cloth 2015
Exodus in the Jewish experience: echoes and reverberations ebook 2015
Faithful narratives: historians, religion, and the challenge of objectivity ebook 2014
Free corrector: Colin Gunton and the legacy of Augustine. Mcnall, joshua paper 2015
God & apple pie;religious myths and visions of America. Buck, christopher ebook 2015

Approval plan books invoiced since July 1, 2015

RELIGION approval plan books invoiced since July 1, 2015

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African American religions, 1500-2000: colonialism, democracy, and freedom. Johnson, Sylvester a., 1972- paper 2015
American heathens: the politics of identity in a pagan religious movement. Snook, Jennifer Stephanie paper 2015
Archbishop Romero and spiritual leadership in the modern world cloth 2015
Biblical perspectives on leadership and organizations. Whittington, j. Lee cloth 2015
Catholic sexual theology and adolescent girls: embodied flourishing. Kieser, doris, 1964- paper 2015
Christian thought in America: a brief history. Schell, hannah paper 2015
Christians, free expression, and the common good: getting beyond the censorship impulse. Jackson, Gordon s cloth 2015
Confucius for Christians: what an ancient Chinese worldview can teach us about life in Christ. Ten Elshof, Gregg, 1970- paper 2015
Darwin in the twenty-first century: nature, humanity, and God paper 2015
Disciples’ prayer: the prayer jesus taught in its historical setting. Gibson, jeffrey b paper 2015
God and popular culture: a behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment industry’s most. Cloth 2015
God in the tumult of the global square: religion in global civil society. Juergensmeyer, mark paper 2015
Gray sabbath: Jesus people usa, evangelical left, and the evolution of christian rock. Young, shawn david paper 2015
Hincmar of Rheims: life and work cloth 2015
Holy nation: the transatlantic quaker ministry in an age of revolution. Crabtree, sarah (sarah lelia) cloth 2015
Imagining religious leadership in the middle ages: Richard of saint-vanne and the politics… Vanderputten, Steven cloth 2015
Insights while suffering: with a view to the cross and resurrection. Slatter, mark, 1962- cloth 2015
James and Paul: the politics of identity at the turn of the ages. Shillington, v. George paper 2015
Jewish voices in feminism: transnational perspectives; trans. By rugh Morris. Las, nelly cloth 2015
John henry newman, man of letters. Tillman, mary katherine paper 2015
Joshua 1-12: a new translation with introduction and commentary. Dozeman, thomas b cloth 2015
Language of images: visualization and meaning in tantras. Timalsina, sthaneshwar, 1965- cloth 2015
Material religion in modern Britain: the spirit of things cloth 2015
Meditation and culture: the interplay of practice and context cloth 2015
Meta-ecclesiology: chronicles on church awareness. Hovorun, cyril cloth 2015
Missionary families find a sense of place and identity: two generations on two continents. Benson, John S cloth 2015
Mormonism and the emotions: an analysis of lds scriptural texts. Properzi, mauro cloth 2015
Mysticism and reform, 1400-1750 paper 2015
On freedom, love, and power Ellul, Jacques, 1912-1994 paper 2015
Political dialogue of nature and grace: toward a phenomenology of chaste anarchism. Smith gilson, caitlin cloth 2015
Politics of religious freedom paper 2015
Power, ethics, and ecology in jewish late antiquity: rabbinic responses to drought and disaster. Belser, julia watts, 1978- cloth 2015
Pragmatic toleration: the politics of religious heterodoxy in early reformation Antwerp, 1515- 1555. Christman, Victoria cloth 2015
Reading the bible in an age of crisis: political exegesis for a new day paper 2015
Reconceiving infertility: biblical perspectives on procreation and childlessness. Moss, candida r cloth 2015
Religion and political tolerance in america: advances in the state of the art paper 2015
Religion in the post-yugoslav context cloth 2015
Retrieving the radical tillich: his legacy and contemporary importance cloth 2015
Secular faith: how culture has trumped religion in american politics. Smith, mark a. (mark alan), 1970- cloth 2015
Secularism in question: Jews and Judaism in modern times cloth 2015
Seeing religion: toward a visual sociology of religion paper 2015
Sensual God: how the senses make the almighty sensless. Kleinberg, aviad m cloth 2015
What’s divine about divine law?: early perspectives. Hayes, Christine elizabeth cloth 2015
Women’s bodies as battlefield: Christian theology and the global war on women. Thistlethwaite, Susan brooks, 1948- cloth 2015

Books ordered 8-28-2015

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Aroma Of Righteousness: Scent And Seduction In Rabbinic Life And Literature. Green, Deborah A Paper 2014
Islam And Rationality: The Impact Of Al-Ghazali: Papers Collected On His 900th Anniversary.; V. 1 Ebook 2015
Ladder Of Jacob: Ancient Interpretations Of The Biblical Story Of Jacob And His Children. Kugel, James L Paper 2009
Letter That Has Not Been Read: Dreams In The Hebrew Bible; Trans. By Lenn J. Schramm. Bar, Shaul Ebook 2001
Many Faces Of Herod The Great. Marshak, Adam Kolman, 1979- Paper 2014
Patterns Of Rationality: Recurring Inferences In Science, Social Cognition And Religious Thinking. Bertolotti, Tommaso Cloth 2015
Text-Critical Use Of The Septuagint In Biblical Research. Tov, Emanuel Ebook 2015

World Religion Database

When you need statistics for research in religious studies, log in and take a look at World Religion Database:

World Religion Database
International religious demographic statistics and sources
Edited by Todd M. Johnson, Ph.D., and Brian J. Grim, Ph.D.

The World Religion Database (WRD) contains detailed statistics on religious affiliation for every country of the world. It provides source material, including censuses and surveys, as well as best estimates for every religion to offer a definitive picture of international religious demography. It offers best estimates at multiple dates for each of the world’s religions for the period 1900 to 2050.

The WRD will be constantly updated with new sources of data as they become available, such as estimates of religious affiliation at the province level within countries and religious freedom information for all countries. A feedback mechanism is available for users to leave comments on sources or methodology related to any figure reported in the WRD.

Bar Ilan’s Judaic Library

This resource is located in Wilson Reference (first floor). You’ll need the CD and the associated workstation (ask at the first floor service desk). We own version 19.

Bar Ilan‘s Judaic Library : in a class by itself– : plus Responsa & Encyclopedia Talmudit.
אוניברסיטת בר־אילן. פרוייקט השו״ת; רש״י, 1040־1105; Universiṭat BarIlan. Proyeḳṭ ha-shut.
Monsey, N.Y. : Torah Educational Software 9999
Check holdings at TC Wilson Library Reference (BM495 .B39 )

  • Location / Call Number
  • TC Wilson Library   Reference   BM495 .B39
    version 17, full library (1 CD-ROM)
    version 19+ (1 DVD-ROM)

The Global Jewish Database (The Responsa Project) at Bar-Ilan University is the largest database of its kind. This database includes the full text of the Bible and its principal commentaries, the Babylonian Talmud with Rashi’s commentary and Tosafot, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, 300 Rambam Commentaries (Friedberg ed.), Shulchan Aruch with commentaries, Midrashim, hundreds of books of responsa, searchable text of 12,000 articles from various Torah periodicals and collections, and the Talmudic Encyclopedia, representing a period of over three thousand years of Jewish literary creativity. – info from publisher is based on a newer (22) version.

Books ordered May 2015

These books were just firm-ordered (there are also books that come automatically; I’ll post those in the near future).  Browse title in MNCAT  in a few weeks to check for availability


Christian Responses to Islam in Nigeria: a Contextual Study of Ambivalent Encounters. Akinade, Akintunde E Cloth 2014
Conversos in the Responsa of Sephardic Halakhic Authorities in the 15th Century. Zsom, Dora, 1977- Cloth 2014
Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism. Koehler, Benedikt Cloth 2014
Female Piety and the Catholic Reformation in France. Hillman, Jennifer Cloth 2014
Fundamentalism and Charismatic Movements: Critical Concepts in Religious Studies Cloth 2012
Josephus’ Interpretation of the Books of Samuel. Avioz, Michael Cloth 2015
Universal Salvation in Late Antiquity: Porphyry of Tyre and the Pagan-Christian Debate. Simmons, Michael Bland Cloth 2015

King James Bible and the World It Made Ebook 2011
Mystic Cults in Magna Graecia Ebook 2009
On Teaching Religion: Essays By Jonathan Z. Smith. Lehrich Ebook 2012