Books ordered for Religious Studies April-May 2014


African American Female Mysticism: Nineteenth century Religious Activism.        Bostic, Joy R          Ebook     2013

Ark Before Noah: Decoding The Story Of The Flood.    Finkel, Irving L      Cloth       2014

Bodily Resurrection And Ethics In I Cor 15: Connecting Faith And Morality In The Context Of Greco-Roman Mythology. Brown, Paul J., 1961- Paper 2014

Communities Of Faith In Africa And The African Diaspora: In Honor Of Dr. Tite Tienou With Additional Essays On World Christianity. Paper                2013

Divided By Faith And Ethnicity: Religious Pluralism And The Problem Of Race In Guatemala.  Althoff, Andrea   Cloth 2014

Evidence Of Editing: Growth And Change Of Texts In The Hebrew Bible. Muller, Reinhard, 1972-     Paper     2013

Faith And Unbelief: A Theology Of Atheism.  Bullivant, Stephen                Paper     2013

From Jesus To The Church: The First Christian Generation.         Evans, Craig A       Cloth       2014

Gods Of Olympus: A History.             Graziosi, Barbara  Cloth       2014

Language Environment Of First Century Judaea                            Cloth       2014

Love In The Holy Qur’an.    Ghazi Bin Muhammad, Prince Of Jordan         Paper     2014

Love, Sex And Marriage: Insights From Judaism, Christianity And Islam.   Cohn-Sherbok, Dan             Paper     2013

Mircea Eliade: From Magic To Myth.                Idel, Moshe, 1947-              Paper     2014

Mircea Eliade: Myth, Religion, And History     Cloth      2014

Papal Bull: An Ex-Catholic Calls Out The Catholic Church. Wenke, Dr Joe Paper     2013

Queering Of Black Theology: James Baldwin’s Blues Project And Gospel Prose.     Kornegay, E.L        Ebook     2013

Religion And Identity In Europe: The Makings Of Religious Enemies In Antiquity & Today.   Rasmussen, Susanne William Paper 2013

Religion And Politics In The United States.      Wald, Kenneth D  Paper     2014

Religion, Theology, And Class: Fresh Engagements After Long Silence                     Ebook     2013

Religion: Antiquity And Its Legacy.   Rupke, Jorg           Paper     2013

Religious Knowledge, Authority, And Charisma: Islamic And Jewish Perspectives                  Cloth       2014

Re-Reading The Gospel Of Mark Amidst Loss And Trauma.         Kotrosits, Maia      Ebook     2013

Ten Commandments: A Short History Of An Ancient Text.          Coogan, Michael David       Ebook     2014

Torah Praxis After 70 Ce: Reading Matthew And Luke-Acts As Jewish Texts.          Oliver, Isaac W., 1980-,       Paper     2013


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