Books ordered 7/29


Check MNCAT in a few weeks for availability

Behind The Gospels: Understanding The Oral Tradition.Eve, Eric /Paper2014

Day Begins At Sunset: Perceptions Of Time In The Islamic World.   Stowasser, Barbara Freyer, 1935- / Cloth            2014

Elijah Muhammad.     Berg, Herbert  / Cloth 2013

Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet / Paper 2014

Ibn Sina’s Remarks And Admonitions: Physics And Metaphysics: An Analysis And Annotated Translation. Avicenna, 980-1037/ Cloth 2014

Nuestra Fe: A Latin American Church History Sourcebook.   Gonzalez, Ondina E., 1958-  Paper     2014

Reception Of Septuagint Words In Jewish-Hellenistic  And Christian Literature / Paper     2014

Reconciled Community Of Suffering Disciples: Aspects Of A Contextual Somali Ecclesiology. Thoresen, Frank-Ole, 1971- / Cloth 2014

Religion And The Sciences Of Origins: Historical And Contemporary Discussions.   Clark, Kelly James, 1956- /Paper 2014

Righteous Giving To The Poor: Tzedakah (“Charity”) In Classical Rabbinic Judaism: Including A Brief Introduction To Rabbinic Literature. Ulmer, Rivka / Ebook 2014

Rushdie Fatwa And After: A Lesson To The Circumspect. Winston, Brian, Cloth /2014

Where Islam And Judaism Join Together: A Perspective On Reconciliation.            Har-El, Shai Cloth / 2014


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