Approval Plan titles July 2014

These books have been invoiced on our philosophy/religion approval plan in July 2014. Check MNCAT Libraries Catalog for availability.


Anthropology Of Western Religions: Ideas, Organizations, And Constituencies.     Leaf, Murray J       Cloth       2014


Birth Of Theory.   Cole, Andrew, 1968-           Paper     2014

Case For Character: Towards A Lutheran Virtue Ethics.               Biermann, Joel D  Paper     2014

Cause For Thought: An Essay In Metaphysics.                Burbidge, John, 1936-         Paper     2014

Divination And Prediction In Early China And Ancient Greece.  Raphals, Lisa Ann, 1951-     Cloth       2013

End Of Hope–The Beginning: Narratives Of Hope In The Face Of Death And Trauma.           Mccarroll, Pamela R            Paper     2014

Ethics Of Death.    Steffen, Lloyd,      Paper     2014

Existence: Essays In Ontology.           Van Inwagen, Peter             Paper     2014

Fundamentalism: Perspectives On A Contested History                              Cloth       2014

Heaven And Earth Are Not Humane: The Problem Of Evil In Classical Chinese Philosophy.  Perkins, Franklin  Paper     2014

Hindu-Catholic Encounters In Goa: Religion, Colonialism, And Modernity.               Henn, Alexander, 1952-     Paper     2014

History Of Balance, 1250-1375: The Emergence Of A New Model Of Equilibrium And Its Impact On Thought.                Kaye, Joel, 1946-  Cloth                2014

Introduction To Metaphysics; Trans. By Gregory Fried.                Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976         Paper     2014

Irish Religious Conflict In Comparative Perspective: Catholics, Protestants And Muslims                      Cloth       2014

Kant’s Religion Within The Boundaries Of Mere Reason: A Critical Guide                                Cloth       2014

Kierkegaard And The Staging Of Desire: Rhetoric And Performance In A Theology Of Eros.                Hughes, Carl S       Cloth       2014

Lyotard, Literature And The Trauma Of The Differend.                Sawyer, Dylan       Cloth       2014



Mediterranean Enlightenment: Livornese Jews, Tuscan Culture, And Eighteenth-Century Reform.   Bregoli, Francesca               Cloth       2014

Mill’s A System Of Logic: Critical Appraisals                    Cloth       2014

Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue                             Cloth       2014

Nietzsche’s Last Laugh: Ecce Homo As Satire.                More, Nicholas D., 1964-    Cloth       2014

Orphan Scandal: Christian Missionaries And The Rise Of The Muslim Brotherhood.              Baron, Beth           Paper     2014

Philosophic Thoughts: Essays On Logic And Philosophy.              Jason, Gary James, 1949-    Cloth       2013

Philosophy And Psychology Of Character And Happiness                           Cloth       2014

Radical History & The Politics Of Art.               Rockhill, Gabriel   Paper     2014

Scottish Gods: Religion In Modern Scotland, 1900-2012.            Bruce, Steve, 1954-             Cloth       2014

Strange And Terrible Visions Of Wilhelm Friess: The Paths Of Prophecy In Reformation Europe.       Green, Jonathan, 1970-      Cloth       2014

Surface: Matters Of Aesthetics, Materiality, And Media.             Bruno, Giuliana     Cloth       2014

Tastes Of The Divine: Hindu And Christian Theologies Of Emotion.           Voss Roberts, Michelle       Paper     2014

Teaching All Nations: Interrogating The Matthean Great Commission                       Paper     2014

Thinking Orthodox In Modern Russia: Culture, History, Context                                Paper     2014

Virgin Of Guadalupe And The Conversos: Uncovering Hidden Influences From Spain To Mexico.      Hernandez, Marie-Theresa, 1952-                Paper     2014

Virtues Of Abandon: An Anti-Individualist History Of The French Enlightenment.  Coleman, Charly,  Cloth       2014

Walking Where Jesus Walked: American Christians And Holy Land Pilgrimage.     Kaell, Hillary          Paper     2014


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