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Titles on Religious Studies

Books invoiced July 1 to September 23 with call number ranges B-BD, BL-BX:

Anthropology Of Western Religions: Ideas, Organizations, And Constituencies.   Leaf, Murray J     Cloth      2014

At The Limits Of The Secular: Reflections On Faith And Public Life Paper 2014

Augustine On War And Military Service.        Wynn, Phillip Gerald Paper 2013

Bar Mitzvah: A History.    Hilton, Michael    Ebook    2014

Behind The Gospels: Understanding The Oral Tradition.Eve, Eric Paper 2014

Bridge Across The Ocean: The United States And The Holy See Between The Two World Wars.     Castagna, LucaCloth2014

Buddhism, Unitarianism, And The Meiji Competition For Universality.  Mohr, Michel        Cloth      2014

Bury St Edmunds And The Norman Conquest                             Cloth      2014

By Bread Alone: The Bible Through The Eyes Of The Hungry                 Paper      2014

Changing Faith: The Dynamics And Consequences Of Americans’ Shifting Religious Identities.      Sherkat, Darren E., 1965-Paper        2014

Christianities In The Early Modern Celtic World          Cloth      2014

Confessions; V. 1: Books 1-8           Augustine, Saint, Bishop Of Hippo  Cloth      2014

Coptic Christology In Practice: Incarnation And Divine Participation In Late Antique And Medieval Egypt.                Davis, Stephen J Cloth                2008

David: The Divided Heart.                Wolpe, David       Cloth      2014

Day Begins At Sunset: Perceptions Of Time In The Islamic World. Stowasser, Barbara Freyer, 1935-             Cloth 2014

Democracy In Contemporary Confucian Philosophy.                Elstein, David       Cloth      2015

Divination And Prediction In Early China And Ancient Greece. Raphals, Lisa Ann, 1951- Cloth      2013

Eastern Learning And The Heavenly Way: The Tonghak And Ch’ondogyo Movements And The Twilight Of Korean Independence.                Young, Carl F       Cloth      2014

Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet        Paper      2014

Emergent Theology For Emerging Churches.Anderson, Ray Sherman    Paper      2006

End Of Hope–The Beginning: Narratives Of Hope In The Face Of Death And Trauma.    Mccarroll, Pamela R           Paper      2014

Faith As An Option: Possible Futures For Christianity; Trans. By Alex Skinner.    Joas, Hans, 1948-                Paper      2014

Finnish Women Making Religion: Between Ancestors And Angels                           Cloth      2014

Fundamentalism: Perspectives On A Contested History                             Cloth      2014

Future Of Continental Philosophy Of Religion                              Paper      2014

Future Of The Word: An Eschatology Of Reading.      Kriner, Tiffany Eberle         Paper      2014

Gendering Chinese Religion: Subject, Identity, And Body          Cloth      2014

Genesis 37-50: A Handbook On The Hebrew Text.     Baker, David W. (David Weston), 1950-        Paper      2014

George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father.            Kidd, Thomas S   Cloth      2014

Gift & Communion: John Paul Ii’s Theology Of The Body; Trans. By Agata Rottkamp.   Kupczak, Jaroslaw, 1964-Cloth       2014

God Is Here To Stay: Science, Evolution, And Belief In God.   Mcfaul, Thomas R              Paper      2014

‘God Is One’: The Function Of Eis Ho Theos As A Ground For Gentile Inclusion In Paul’s Letters.    Bruno, Christopher R Cloth 2013

Hindu-Catholic Encounters In Goa: Religion, Colonialism, And Modernity. Henn, Alexander, 1952-             Paper      2014

History Of The Nation Of Islam: Race, Islam, And The Quest For Freedom. Gibson, Dawn-Marie  Cloth 2012

Idols Of Nations: Biblical Myth At The Origins Of Capitalism. Boer, Roland, 1961-           Paper      2014

Indigenous Australia And The Unfinished Business Of Theology: Cross-Cultural Engagement                         Cloth      2014

Introduction To The Hebrew Bible: And Deutero-Canonical Books.       Collins, John J      Paper      2014

Inventing And Reinventing The Goddess: Contemporary Iterations Of Hindu Deities On The Move.                              Cloth      2014

Irish Religious Conflict In Comparative Perspective: Catholics, Protestants And Muslims                 Cloth      2014

Jesus And Temple: Textual And Archaeological Explorations                  Ebook    2014

Jesus Movement And Its Expansion: Meaning And Mission.    Freyne, Sean         Paper      2014

Jewish Targum In A Christian World                               Cloth      2014

Jews In Early Christian Law: Byzantium And The Latin West, 6th-11th Centuries                              Paper      2014

Kierkegaard And The Staging Of Desire: Rhetoric And Performance In A Theology Of Eros.            Hughes, Carl S Cloth 2014

Kierkegaard’s Concept Of Faith.      Westphal, Merold                Paper      2014

Luke-Acts And Jewish Historiography: A Study On The Theology, Literature, And Ideology Of Luke-Acts. Uytanlet, Samson, 1970-                Paper      2014

Material Culture And Asian Religions: Text, Image, Object                       Cloth      2014

Mathematical Theologies: Nicholas Of Cusa And The Legacy Of Thierry Of Chartres.      Albertson, David  Cloth 2014

Messianic Thought Outside Theology                             Paper      2014

More Than Discourse: Symbolic Expressions Of Naturalistic Faith.         Crosby, Donald A Cloth     2014

Nuestra Fe: A Latin American Church History Sourcebook.      Gonzalez, Ondina E., 1958- Paper   2014

On World Religions: Diversity, Not Dissension; Ed.By Anindita N. Balslev.            International Conference On The 150th Birth Anniversary Of Swami…(2013: New Delhi, India)               Cloth2014

Orphan Scandal: Christian Missionaries And The Rise Of The Muslim Brotherhood. Baron, Beth   Paper      2014

Orthodox Christianity And Nationalism In Nineteenth-Century Southeastern Europe. Cloth 2014

Other Dreams Of Freedom: Religion, Sex, And Human Trafficking.        Zimmerman, Yvonne C Cloth          2013

Pandora’s Box Opened: An Examination And Defense Of Historical-Critical Method And Its Master Practitioners.    Harrisville, Roy A                Paper      2014

Rally The Scattered Believers: Northern New England’s Religious Geography.      Balik, Shelby M   Cloth      2014

Reading Theologically: Foundations For Learning                       Paper      2014

Reception Of Septuagint Words In Jewishhellenistic And Christian Literature                       Paper      2014

Reinventing Philosophy Of Religion: An Opinionated Introduction.        Oppy, Graham Robert        Cloth      2014

Religion And Inequality In America: Research And Theory On Religion’s Role In Stratification                       Paper      2014

Religion And The Sciences Of Origins: Historical And Contemporary Discussions.               Clark, Kelly James, 1956-  Paper      2014

Religion, Space, And The Environment.         Bergmann, Sigurd, 1956-   Ebook    2014

Religion, War, And Ethics: A Sourcebook Of Textual Traditions                              Cloth      2014

Religious Practice And Democracy In India. Chhibber, Pradeep K., 1956-             Cloth      2014

Revelation: A New Translation With Introduction And Commentary.    Koester, Craig R   Cloth      2014

Roots Of Haiti’s Vodou-Christian Faith: African And Catholic Origins.   Thomas, R. Murray (Robert Murray), 1921- Cloth      2014

Rough Country: How Texas Became America’s Most Powerful Bible-Belt State. Wuthnow, Robert                Cloth      2014

Rushdie Fatwa And After: A Lesson To The Circumspect.        Winston, Brian,    Cloth      2014

Scholarly Community At The Early University Of Paris: Theologians, Education And Society, 1215-1248.  Young, Spencer E                Cloth      2014

Science In The Vanished Arcadia: Knowledge Of Nature In The Jesuit Missions Of Paraguay And Rio De La Plata.   Asua, Miguel De                Cloth      2014

Scottish Gods: Religion In Modern Scotland, 1900-2012.          Bruce, Steve, 1954-             Cloth      2014

Second Vatican Council Diaries Of Met. Maxim Hermaniuk, C.Ss.R. (1960-1965)             Hermaniuk, Maxim, 1911-1996      Paper      2012

Seeking The Promised Land: Mormons And American Politics.                Campbell, David E., 1971-                Paper      2014

Sensational Religion: Sensory Cultures In Material Practice                      Cloth      2014

Sense And Stigma In The Gospels: Depictions Of Sensory-Disabled Characters.  Lawrence, Louise J              Ebook    2013

Strange And Terrible Visions Of Wilhelm Friess: The Paths Of Prophecy In Reformation Europe.    Green, Jonathan, 1970-      Cloth      2014

Struggle For Jerusalem And The Holy Land: A New Inquiry Into The Qur’an And The Classic Islamic Sources On The People Of Israel, Their. Dana, Nissim, 1938- Cloth     2014

Tastes Of The Divine: Hindu And Christian Theologies Of Emotion. Voss Roberts, Michelle             Paper      2014

Teaching All Nations: Interrogating The Matthean Great Commission   Paper      2014

Thinking Orthodox In Modern Russia: Culture, History, Context Paper 2014

Touch Of The Sacred: The Practice, Theology, And Tradition Of Christian Worship; Trans. By Reinder Bruinsma. Immink, Gerrit                Paper      2014

Tradition And The Formation Of The Talmud. Vidas, Moulie, 1983-      Cloth      2014

Vatican Diaries: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Power, Personalities And Politics At The.          Thavis, John Paper 2013

Virgin Of Guadalupe And The Conversos: Uncovering Hidden Influences From Spain To Mexico. Hernandez, Marie-Theresa, 1952-                Paper      2014

Walking Where Jesus Walked: American Christians And Holy Land Pilgrimage.  Kaell, Hillary        Paper      2014

Where Islam And Judaism Join Together: A Perspective On Reconciliation.          Har-El, Shai          Cloth      2014

William J. Seymour And The Origins Of Global Pentecostalism: A Biography And Documentary History.                     Paper      2014

World Of Early Egyptian Christianity: Language, Literature, And Social Context Paper     2008


also: this title is new and available via our Springer E-Books account:

Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue: The Logos of Life and Cultural Interlacing / Editors: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, Nazif Muhtaroglu, Detlev Quintern  Note: Essays from a 2010 Conference.