Textual History of the Bible Online

The Textual History of the Bible brings together all available information regarding the textual history, textual character, translation techniques, manuscripts, and the importance of each textual witness for each book of the Hebrew Bible, including its deutero-canonical scriptures. In addition, it includes articles on the history of research, the editorial histories of the Hebrew Bible, as well as other aspects of text-critical research and its auxiliary fields, or Hilfswissenschaften, such as papyrology, codicology, and linguistics.

Textual History of the Bible Online

Trials of Muhammad Ali – research

Do you know about the Center for Research Libraries?

The University of Minnesota Libraries are among the members of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), which reports that PBS used CRL materials to produce the documentary film The Trials of Muhammad Ali. Read about this project from CRL’s site, and borrow the film from Walter SMART Commons (East Bank, University of Minnesota Twin  Cities campus). Learn more about the CRL collections and services you can use in your research!

  • Nation of Islam Paper Featured in Documentary Film
    Some of CRL’s extensive holdings in African-American newspapers were recently put to use in a documentary aired on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The Trials of Muhammad Ali, produced by Kartemquin Films, explores the period in which the famed fighter went from heavyweight champion of the world and sports icon to a controversial and polarizing political figure. It examines one event in particular: his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War, a decision inspired by his membership in the Nation of Islam.
    Read more at the Center for Research Libraries site
  • The trials of Muhammad Ali
    Bill Siegel; Rachel Pikelny; Muhammad Ali 1942-; Aaron Wickenden; Josh Abrams; Kartemquin Films,; Projecto Willis,; Independent Television Service,; Kino Lorber, Inc.,
    New York, NY : Kino Lorber 2014
    TC Walter Sci/Eng Library Smart Learning Commons (GV1132.A44 T75 2013 )
    permalink to MNCAT record

American Missionaries in Korea exhibit

유대감 (Fellowship): Images of American Efforts to Modernize Korea
at Hennepin County Library – Minneapolis Central

This free exhibit features lantern slides from the early 20th century, which documented interactions between the Korean people and the American missionaries who made it their life’s work to develop communities.

See the exhibit  through Monday, Aug. 15 at Cargill Hall in Minneapolis Central Library. The gallery is on the second floor of the library and open to all during regular library hours.

The exhibit is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Libraries and the Korea Foundation in collaboration with Minneapolis Central Library. An exhibit celebration was  held Thursday, July 7, 4-6 p.m., at Minneapolis Central Library, Doty Board Room

유대감 (Fellowship) exhibit at Cargill Hall  http://www.hclib.org/about/news/2016/June/korea

Siege of Malta exhibit

Knights, Memory, & the Siege of 1565:

An Exhibition on the 450th Anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta (NEW)
What: Knights, Memory, and the Siege of 1565: An Exhibition on the 450th Anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta
When: June 1 through August 19, 2016
Where: Wilson Library, fourth floor, T.R. Anderson Gallery
Hours: The gallery is open during business hours at the James Ford Bell Library

Malta poster 3768538

This traveling exhibition from the Malta Study Center of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at St. John’s University commemorates the 16th-century siege of the island of Malta by the Ottoman Turks. Materials from the James Ford Bell Library and the Wilson Rare collection are included. For more information visit:


Prof. Bernard Levinson article on Temple Scroll

Author: Bernard M. Levinson
Refining the Reconstruction of Col. 2 of the Temple Scroll (11QTa): The Turn to Digital Mapping and Historical Syntax*
Source: Dead Sea Discoveries, Volume 23, Issue 1, pages 1 – 26 Publication Year : 2016
DOI: 10.1163/15685179-12341369
ISSN: 0929-0761 E-ISSN: 1568-5179
permalink to article

Dr. Levinson Inside the entrance to Cave 11 at Qumran


Dr. Levinson examining manuscript fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Antiquities Authority Laboratory

BML _ lab 1

Qumran Cave 11: The unmarked cave where the fascinating manuscript of the Temple Scroll was found


An overview of the caves at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found

Qumran Caves Overview

The International Encyclopedia of Ethics

Did you know we have this encyclopedia online?  it’s at your fingertips day and night:

The International Encyclopedia of Ethics
Contributor: Hugh LaFollette 1948-
Publisher: Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell
Date: 2013
Summary: Covers major philosophical, legal and religious traditions. Provides clear definitions and explanations of all areas of ethics including the topics, movements, arguments, and key figures in normative ethics, meta-ethics, and practical ethics. Broad topics include applied ethics, bioethics, business ethics, civil society, continental ethics, environmental ethics, feminist ethics, history of ethics, moral distinctions, moral psychology, moral responsibility, non-western ethics, personal relationships, political ethics, professional ethics, science and ethics, sexuality, social ethics, technology, value of life, and war and violence.
Source: University of Minnesota Catalog

Professor Levinson – Goodman Lecture

“The Uncensored Voice: Suffering, Protest, and Lament in the Hebrew Bible”
CNES Professor Hanne Loeland Levinson to deliver Goodman Lecture at St. Kate’s
Thursday, May 12

Goodman Lecture_2016sm

Flyer: Goodman Lecture_2016

The featured speaker at the 2016 Goodman Lecture will be Dr. Hanne Loeland Levinson. Dr. Levinson is an assistant professor in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Minnesota. A member of the Center of Jewish Studies at the U of M, Dr. Levinson’s research centers on the academic study of the Hebrew Bible with a focus on gender studies, prophetic literature, and narratives around death and death wishes.

Her first book, Silent or Salient Gender? The Interpretation of Gendered God-Language in the Hebrew Bible, Exemplified in Isaiah 42, 46 and 49 (Mohr Siebeck, 2008), received the  John Templeton Award for Theological Promise in 2008. Currently, she is working on a book with the working title: Wishing for Death or Fighting for Life: Death Wishes in the Hebrew Bible. She has also taught at the MF Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, Norway, and has been a visiting scholar at institutions in Israel, South Africa and the U.S.

She fell in love with the literature and ideas of the Hebrew Bible as an undergraduate and continues to be fascinated by these texts in her work as a teacher and scholar of the Hebrew Bible. She is concerned about reading the texts in light of their literary and historical context, but is also interested in the dialogue between contemporary questions and the biblical texts.

More information at https://www.stkate.edu/alumnae/lifelong-learning

This event is free, but tickets are required to ensure seating. Tickets will be available online at oshag.stkate.edu or by phone at 651-690-6700 closer to the date of the lecture.


Dead Sea Scrolls title

Announcement from Brill Publications:

Winner of the 2015 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award
Winner of the Frank Moore Cross Award for Best Book in Biblical Studies from ASOR

We are proud to announce that Brill publications have made Choice magazine’s 2015 list of Outstanding Academic Titles. Selected by Choice review editors, the awarded titles are representative of Brill’s rich publishing program. Out of over 7,000 reviews in Choice during the previous calendar year, only 10% are selected as “Outstanding Academic Titles” and published in the Choice January issue each year.

The University of Minnesota Libraries owns a print copy and provides online access to this book.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the developmental composition of the Bible
Supplements to Vetus Testamentum ; v. 169.
Eugene Ulrich 1938-
Supplements to Vetus Testamentum
Leiden ; Boston : Brill 2015
print: Wilson Library General Collection (Quarto BS410 .V452 ) Check for availability:
online access:  permalink

Recent Oxford Handbooks in religion

The Oxford Handbooks contain peer-reviewed scholarly review articles in the following disciplines: Archaeology, Business and Management, Classical Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion online. Included are classic works of scholarship along with newly-published works. Each handbook offers a critical survey of the current state of scholarship in a particular field of study. Individual articles by leading scholars review key issues and major debates, and discuss how those debates might evolve.

To access the titles in religion or other subjects to which the University Libraries subscribe, log in to the University of Minnesota and to the University Libraries, then go to the database menu on our home page and select O to find Oxford Handbooks listed alphabetically. Quick link if you’re fully logged in:

On the Oxford Handbooks home page you may search for the individual title and then switch from the Articles tab to Books tab to view just the results in the book you want.


Oxford Mormonism 2016-02-11_10-57-27


RECENT TITLES (2014 to today’s date, February 11, 2016)

The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Apocrypha
Andrew Gregory, Tobias Nicklas, Christopher M. Tuckett, and Joseph Verheyden (eds)
Print publication date:Aug 2015
Online publication date:Feb 2016
The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism
Terri E. Givens and Philip L. Barlow (eds)
Print publication date:Nov 2015
Online publication date:Dec 2015
The Oxford Handbook of the Abrahamic Religions
Adam J. Silverstein and Guy G. Stroumsa (eds)
Print publication date:Oct 2015
Online publication date:Nov 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Christianity
Manuel Vasquez, Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens, and David Orique OP (eds)
Online publication date:Sep 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Christology
Francesca Aran Murphy (ed.)
Print publication date:Sep 2015
Online publication date:Sep 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Maximus the Confessor
Pauline Allen and Bronwen Neil (eds)
Print publication date:Mar 2015
Online publication date:Jul 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender
Adrian Thatcher (ed.)
Print publication date:Nov 2014
Online publication date:May 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Catholic Theology
Lewis Ayres and Medi-Ann Volpe (eds)
Online publication date:May 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding
R. Scott Appleby, Atalia Omer, and David Little (eds)
Print publication date:Mar 2015
Online publication date:Mar 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative
Danna Nolan Fewell (ed.)
Online publication date:Feb 2015
The Oxford Handbook of European Islam
Jocelyne Cesari (ed.)
Print publication date:Oct 2014
Online publication date:Jan 2015
The Oxford Handbook of American Islam
Jane I. Smith and Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad (eds)
Print publication date:Jan 2015
Online publication date:Dec 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia
Felix Wilfred (ed.)
Print publication date:Jul 2014
Online publication date:Sep 2014
The Oxford Handbook of the Psalms
William P. Brown (ed.)
Print publication date:Mar 2014
Online publication date:Jul 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic Literature
John J. Collins (ed.)
Print publication date:May 2014
Online publication date:Jul 2014
The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology
Anthony B. Pinn and Katie G. Cannon (eds)
Print publication date:Aug 2014
Online publication date:Jul 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology
Robert Kolb, Irene Dingel, and L’ubomír Batka (eds)
Print publication date:Apr 2014
Online publication date:Jun 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion
Lewis R. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadian (eds)
Print publication date:Apr 2014
Online publication date:May 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Sikh Studies
Pashaura Singh and Louis E. Fenech (eds)
Print publication date:Mar 2014
Online publication date:Apr 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Pauline Studies
R. Barry Matlock (ed.)
Online publication date:Mar 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology
Sabine Schmidtke (ed.)
Online publication date:Mar 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theology, 1600-1800
Ulrich L. Lehner, Richard A. Muller, and A. G. Roeber (eds)
Online publication date:Mar 2014
The Oxford Handbook of Religion and the Arts
Frank Burch Brown (ed.)
Print publication date:Feb 2014
Online publication date:Feb 2014
The Oxford Handbook of African American Islam
Aminah McCloud (ed.)
Online publication date:Jan 2014

American Qur’an

American Qur’an
Iftikhar Dadi (Essay Author), Zareena Grewal (Essay Author), Sandow Birk (Artist)
With a Preface by Reza Aslan
First edition. New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation 2016
check Libraries catalog for availability http://www.lib.umn.edu
Wilson Library General Collection (folio BP109 .B57 2016 )

Publisher website: books.wwnorton.com/books/detail.aspx?id=4294988426

Preview the illustrations here:


Above: copy on display at American Library Association conference exhibits, January 2016

Read a review in The Atlantic